About us

New Image Medical Network is a 4 year-old medical distributor.  We aim to provide quality medical supplies at affordable rates to our customers. To achieve this we stock both brand name and generic medicines for almost all healthcare needs. We also have a range of standard medical supplies for you to choose from. We offer free clinic delivery of medical supplies within city limits. If you are located at another city and choose to place your orders with us via the phone or the Net, we will ship the required products to you for a fee. We believe that everyone should have access to medicines at affordable rates. So, we try to provide discounts on our generic medical supplies. Our staff members will be happy to advice you on the generic equivalents of the brand name medical supplies you currently use. You may inquire via our online inquiry for this help. Apart from supplies, many clinics are in need higher end diagnostic equipment. We offer a discount on bulk purchases of such syringes or any other disposable type supplies. Our computerized inventory is very up-to-date, and ensures that all equipment information is the newest available on the market. We care for the well-being of our customers and have invested time and money to meet their ever changing equipment and supplies needs.

Started in 2008 with the aim of serving clinics throughout southern Nevada, New Image Medical Network has established a name for itself throughout the southwest corner of the United States. Our commitment to provide low-cost medical supplies of good quality to all our customers is responsible for this. We believe that the high cost of medical supplies prevents many clinics from being financially healthy as they try to make their patients physically healthy. To overcome this problem, we encourage our customers to utilize our inquiry form to give us the supply business that financially drains your clinic the most . We, in turn, distribute like products that can end the financial pain that hurts the cash flow of most medical clinics and hospitals. We believe that every clinic must have a supplier who is actively shopping for the best product at the best price.

Clinics and Hospitals
With so many options to buy from it is hard to see what clear differences there are in distributors.  New Image Medical has prided itself in making that difference crystal clear.  We utilize deep industry relationships to secure very low purchase costs and instead of pocketing the difference, we pass the savings on to our customers.  We know that loyalty and volume will make up the difference for us, and we strive to always improve our competitive buying power for you.