$7,000.00 Includes Stand/2yr warranty/On-site setup and Inservice

Accurate Portable Real-Time Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

Urologists, primary care physicians and nurses rely on accurate imaging of the bladder in order to determine the need for treatment. The PBS v4.1 has been designed for use by a variety of Medical Specialties in a point-of-care environment where immediate, reliable imaging and data acquisition is required. Using a PBS v4.1 can avoid unnecessary catherization, and so lower infection rates.

The PBS v4.1 is unique with a large real-time screen (8.4), a patient database and the ability to scan 12 to 24 planes using a patented true volumetric algorithm for superior Accuracy.

 Simple point-and-freeze operation makes the PBS v4.1 the scanner of choice for the busy clinical environment. The PBS v4.1 calculates the bladder volume automatically from an ultrasound image.


Urology - Bulbocavernous Reflex System

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This equipment package utilizes a state of the art piezo-electric disposable tip that makes the BRS system the only non-electrical stimulation device of its kind.  

A simple tap is the only sensation the patient will feel.
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