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Health care is certainly at the forefront of everybodys mind these days, but here at New Image Medical, Inc. that has always been the norm. Since 2010, we have worked to distribute products that place value at the center of the circle of care. Today, our legacy as a leader in innovative and quality products pushes us to strive harder and focus our sights on comprehensive value based solutions that support the medical community. Our goal today remains, as it has for the past five years; to provide affordable products that have the highest level of quality and support, with service that has no rival. After five years New Image Medical, Inc promoted former top independent National distributor rep, Charita Garbo Brazzel to President. The companys continued growth has required a physical expansion which includes additional office space, manufacturing and Las Vegas service in the Pelvic floor retaining field. As we move forward, we recognize that our continued success is dependent on the valuable relationships that we have developed with our customers and the NV school of Medicines Womens Center. It is these very relationships which help us to recognize and address product requirements and optimize techniques for medical treatment using our systems. With our team of innovators and your valuable input, we are able to provide products that speak to our understanding of the relationship between patient, caregiver, and provider. As always, we are proud to present you with options to fit your demands for quality, service, and affordable value. Thank you for your continued support.

At last, your facility can afford advanced technology to reduce UTIs and the resulting readmission penalties with the PBS V4.1 Bladder Scanner.  This easy-to-use, portable, non-invasive scanner effectively screens patients to aid your team by determining residual volumes and the need for  indwell and/or intermittent catheterization. Patient ID and 100 case memory deliver historical data to your nursing staff, resulting in decreased catheterizations and decreased potential for UTIs and urethral trauma. Full color screen and print out provide the accuracy and documentation to assist your team in care planning.